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J.C. Huffman

b. c.1870s, USA, d. 40s, USA. A respected Broadway movie director from the first many years of the twentieth hundred years through in to the early 30s, Huffman credits consist of straight drama, humor, farce, operetta, revue and musical displays. Among the musicals, takes on with music, and revues had been THE LADY Behind The Counter-top, Almost A Hero, as well as the Mimic Globe, Mlle. Mischief (all 1908), The Kiss Waltz, The By no means Homes, as well as the Duchess, (all 1911), Two Small Brides (1912), THE PERSON With Three Wives (1913), Robinson Crusoe, Jr. (starring Al Jolson), The Passing Display Of 1916, as well as the Show Of Miracles (offering Willie Howard) (all 1916), Performing Our Little bit andOver THE VERY BEST (both 1917), Encounter, and Sinbad (with Jolson) (both 1918). In the 20s Huffman staged Cinderella On Broadway (1920), The Passing Display Of 1921, THE FINAL Waltz and Bombo (Jolson once again) (all 1921), The Rose Of Stamboul, Make It Snappy, Hitchy-Koo Of 1922 (a amazing flop with tunes by Cole Porter), as well as the Passing Display Of 1922 (all 1922), The Dance Woman, The Passing Display Of 1923, and Topics Of 1923 (all 1923), The College student Prince (1924), Big Son and Princess Flavia (both 1925), the second option being based on Anthony Wish’s book, The Prisoner Of Zenda, with music by Sigmund Romberg and lyrics by Harry B. Smith and starring Harry Welchman. This display opened in the Hundred years Theater, where it went for 152 shows. Huffman also aimed Katja, and Homosexual Paree (both 1926), The Circus Princess, My Maryland, as well as the Love Contact (all 1927), The Greenwich Community Follies (1928), Nina Rosa (1930) and Marching By (1932).

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