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Ivory is one particular fascinating California rock and roll bands that appeared to spontaneously materialize within the heady psychedelic times lately ’60s, making a short but excellent impression before just like quickly fading alongside its music in to the headless 1970s, to never end up being heard from again. Many such artists seldom merit rescuing from obscurity, but Ivory is among the few that deserves what small belated acclaim might arrive its method in the period of Compact disc reissue. Guitarist and songwriter Ken Thomure spent his high-school years playing in virtually any amount of amateur and semi-professional combos with friend, classmate, and keyboardist Mike McCauley in Boron, CA, a city situated nearby to Edwards Surroundings Force Bottom about 90 kilometers outside LA. Their numerous aggregates played armed service clubs, teenager hangouts, colleges, battle-of-bands, and just about anyplace else that could keep these things. Upon graduation, the duo made a decision to proceed to Hollywood collectively to provide the music business a go. By opportunity, while hitchhiking, they went into Chris Christman around the Sunset Remove one day soon after arriving, and asked her, partially based on her blonde visual appearance, to audition to them. As it proved, she was also a burgeoning songwriter and vocalist of substantial, Elegance Slick-like skill. The recently formed trio relocated right into a downtown loft with several art college students and produced its living playing close by small clubs within the Hollywood and Santa Monica areas, in addition to throwing periodic “rent celebrations” by enlisting a great many other bands to try out and help publicize the occasions. This makeshift apprenticeship in business led to the forming of a legitimate creation company and will be offering for out-of-town concerts. Ivory started getting auditions and had been hired to generate the soundtrack for an underground film. The music group also gained a recording agreement and, beneath the tutelage of well-known suppliers Al Schmitt and Les Dark brown Jr., documented the Ivory recording, a lifeless ringer for fellow Schmitt-production the Jefferson Aircraft. This brought the music group a realtor and larger concerts and gigs, including an appearance around the Tonight Display. Ivory’s 1st promotional tour required them to nearly every town in Colorado. In addition, it, however, ended up being the band’s just tour. Upon the trio’s go back to LA, McCauley was drafted, delivered to Vietmam, and wounded, in place, splitting up Ivory. Christman do make a single album in the first ’70s, but married and relocated out of condition. Thomure and McCauley decreased from music completely but continued to try out collectively occasionally.

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