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Isen Torr

Also in the cultish world of rock, few bands have fostered therefore enviable a reputation with therefore little simply because England’s mystery-shrouded Isen Torr. Set up in 2003 by Solstice guitarist (and owner from the Miskatonic Base label) Richard M. Walker by using Twisted Tower Dire vocalist Tony Taylor, ex-Destiny’s End guitarist Perry M. Grayson, ex-Ritual Metal bassist Oliver Zühlke, and upcoming Ritual Metal drummer Martin Zellmer, Isen Torr had been originally designed for the specific reason for documenting three vinyl-only EPs, and performing stated trilogy go on a single event before disbanding. That was the program, anyway, however the group’s preliminary lineup finished up disintegrating nearly immediately after the discharge of 2003’s Mighty & Better EP, thus departing supporters to lick their chops with but two music — albeit eight-minute epics — at that. Nevertheless, such was the grade of these galloping odes to anthemic trad steel (aptly dubbed “Anglo Saxon Fight Metal” with the group) that they captured the creativity and hearts of discerning underground steel fans all over the place — such a long time, that is, because they could in fact find a duplicate or download the music from the web. But despite all of this, Isen Torr possess so far reneged on the guarantee to record extra material, therefore Walker finally decided to allow Shadow Kingdom Information launch Mighty & First-class on Compact disc in 2008, therefore growing the group’s tale and guaranteeing ever developing anticipation for all those following two EPs and their guaranteed debut and last in-concert live show at an up to now unspecified day and location.

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