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Irving Lang

The short recording career of bassist Irving Lang could possibly be statistically misinterpreted, props such as for example a particularly marked-in datebook imagined along the way. There are in least 36 periods spread over just 3 years, or at least one program per month from 1944, all producing slow but continuous business for Irving or Irv, based on the way the credit reads. In fact, there have been many fewer periods, lots of the schedules offering something or somebody worth repackaging and reissuing in various contexts. A sideman in the proper place may ultimately like a mushrooming discography along the way. In cases like this, artists such as for example virtuoso drummer Gene Krupa and vocalist Anita O’Day are among the well-fed cows offering the recording studio room pasture, as they say. Additionally, there is the bassist’s romantic relationship with minimal mild-mannered of trumpeters, including Rex Stewart, Wingy Manone, and Dizzy Gillespie. Jazz compilations from different perspectives thus can include a vintage Lang indication when the topic may be the big-band heyday, the big-city revival of New Orleans jazz in the ’40s, or the greenhorn times of bebop, Delivery of Bebop: 1937-1945 offering as an excellent exemplory case of the second option. Tracks offering the bassist support O’Day through the same period arrive on sets such as for example First Girls of Music and 50 Sublimes Chanteuses de Jazz: 1940-1953.

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