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Iqbal Jogi Ensemble

This band of folk musicians in the Sind region of Pakistan recorded an album for Olympic in the 1950s (later issued on Tradition) that, although it was advertised as “snake charming” music, was actually an excellent record of Sufi trance music that was among the sooner recordings of its type. “Yogi” means ascetic, as well as the ten parts on the record, in what of the initial liner notes, managed to get therefore “these mystics portrayed their thoughts and emotions within a musical type referred to as raag.” Raags are structured around “surs,” that are simple notes purchased in a specific ascending and descending range that your performers embellished and improvised upon. No information on the album’s instrumentation had been listed on the initial release, unfortunately, however the musicians probably utilized percussion and a murli, a flute-like device that creates both melodies and drones. Regardless of the murky information surrounding the initial documenting, the upshot is normally that it’s effective Middle Eastern trance music, destined to charm to those that admire even more renowned performers like the Master Music artists of Joujouka.

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