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Before singer Patrick Nissley and drummer Jared Piccone began the dance-rock early-Killers-influenced outfit Innerpartysystem, both were in the Reading, PA-based emo band Thirteen Over 8, which Piccone (who was simply then on drums) joined in 2000, a couple of years after their inception. Although group enjoyed a good regional response and evaluations to bands just like the Utilized and Thursday, issues didn’t really remove before two began the electronic-inspired the Takeover, which later on morphed into Innerpartysystem. With Kris Barman on secrets and Jesse Cronan on guitars and secrets, the group authorized to Stolen Transmitting (going by Sarah Lewitinn, acknowledged for helping rings like My Chemical substance Romance as well as the Killers reach the mainstream) in-may 2007, liberating their The Download EP a couple of months later.

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