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b. Steven Henry, Bethnal Green, London, Britain. Former comic reserve illustrator and Gameboy visual developer Infinite Livez provides a tangential undertake UK hip-hop with bizarre and eccentric narratives on his 2004 debut Bush Meats. Based on his standard biography, the Shadowless staff member and Chelsea Artwork College-educated rapper loves going to museums, was a punk for some time and it is a enthusiast of surrealist article writer Andre Breton. Mammary glands have already been a regular obsession in hip-hop but on Bush Meats Infinite Livez provided an unexpected undertake the topic. On ‘The Escapades FROM THE Lactating Guy’, the rapper starts producing milk in a way that deliverymen are placed out of business. The skit ‘Dark brown Nosh’ highlighted Bouncement Queen challenging a rim work as her charge for appearing around the recording, while ‘Drilla Ape’ related the storyplot of a guy cheating on his partner for any simian. ‘Claati Bros’, in the mean time, spoofed Brit Artwork with the story of an exclusive look at for an designer who ‘paints with elephant do-do… extremely post-modern… a little smelly though’ (though Infinite Livez notably combined this humour having a danger to head into the English Museum having a shotgun and reclaim all of the African artwork). Such daftness and absurdism didn’t render such masterpieces simple novelty, with Infinite Livez support his imaginative raps with awesome and inventive noises that made feeling from the computer-game influenced moniker. Bush Meats, released via Big Dada, was heralded on launch among the most unique hip-hop albums of the entire year.

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Music Songs Pononee Girl, The Adventures of the Lactating Man, Claati Bros, White Wee Wee, Drilla Ape, Spade Invaders, They R Comin, Brand New Datsun, Hoxton Smoothie, Clapped Out Datsun, The Forest Spirit Sings the Bush Meat Song, Tek Fi Joke, Ukkrap, Brown Nosh, Coco Pilots, Nutta's Chance, Worcestershire Sauce, Propa Ill, Public Ultra Image Magnetic, Swaggamuffin, Suck Krill, Routine Stop and Search, Man Machine, On Illusion, Slack Babbath, LOL to the Depths of Hell, Track Ten, Cock 'n' Roll, I Was A Saddam Body Double pt.2, Artyfartypartynazi, Unbiased Reductionism in 21st Century Music Practices, webcamwoman.co.uk
Albums Art Brut Fe De Yoot, Bush Meat, Morgan Freeman's Psychedelic Semen

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