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Son of the favorite vocalist and clown Eduardo das Neves, Indio learned the violão (classical guitar) by center after hearing his father often. He wrote a large number of gorgeous songs which continued to be in the traditional repertory of Brazilian well-known music, like “Cinzas,” “Em fun??o de Sempre Adeus,” “Noite Cheia de Estrelas,” “Jura de Cabocla,” “Última Estrofe,” “E Nada Mais,” “Lágrimas” (documented by Orlando Silva in 1935), “Apoteose perform Amor,” (documented in 1936 by Orlando Silva), “Página de Dor” (with Pixinguinha, documented by Orlando Silva in 1938), “Cabocla Serrana,” “Nênias,” “Íntima Lágrima,” “Tudo Acabado,” “Luar da Minha Terra,” “Funerais perform Amor,” “Rasguei o Teu Retrato,” “Cabocla Teresa,” “Primavera,” “Noite de S. Pedro,” “Em Delírio,” and “Rancho Abandonado.” He was documented by famous brands Orlando Silva and Vicente Celestino, but was an excellent violonista and vocalist by himself. The styles explored in his compositions had been the modinha, the valse, the seresta, as well as the tango. In 1917, he joined up with the rancho Heróis definitely da Piedade. He previously several partners, included in this Vinícius de Moraes’ uncle, Henrique de Melo Morais, and Uriel Lourival. In 1922, he documented his compositions “Saudades perform Sertão” as well as the fox trot “Quadra de Amor” like a vocalist. His first strike was “Noite Cheia de Estrelas,” documented by Vicente Celestino in 1932. Around 1930, he made an appearance in Gastão Lamounier’s display in the Rádio Educadora with Melo Morais. Inside a duet with Melo Morais, he documented his sertanejo tunes, “Rosa Morena” and “Luar de Minha Terra,” in 1932. He published “Versos de Longe,” that was documented by Melo Morais. With “Perdi o Meu Pandeiro,” he received the O Malho competition of carnival music in 1934. His tunes had great achievement after his loss of life by tuberculosis, getting many re-recordings. “Última Estrofe,” for instance, was documented in 1932 by Castro Barbosa; in 1935 by Orlando Silva; and later on by Vicente Celestino, Nelson Gonçalves, and Sílvio Caldas.

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