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Guitarist and vocalist Issac “Ike” Cosse continues to be leading a music group called the Coldbloods round the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay region going back twenty years. Cosse required his first musical motivation from guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Web page and Jimi Hendrix, and he performed jazz and fusion for quite a while before buying the blues. Cosse became a member of the music group of saxophonist Joe Puttley in 1983 and discovered the finer factors of blues playing from him, along with the have to be an entertainer when within the bandstand. After dealing with Puttley for several years, Cosse was presented with the opportunity to sing; “Crosscut Noticed” and “Further On Up the street” were the very first two blues tunes he performed on stage. After developing his own music group, Ike as well as the Coldbloods, in 1987, he started to function the clubs round the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay region, where he previously relocated some years previously. Ike as well as the Coldbloods performed at Slim’s in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, along with other venues round the Bay region. After many years of interpreting cover tunes in Bay region clubs, Cosse recognized if he would consider his music anywhere, he’d have to perform unique compositions. After shedding a duplicate of his self-released recording off at B.B. King’s Membership in LA, Cosse got a reserving there, starting for Coco Montoya and Johnny Johnson. Cosse’s initial album, THE LOCATION Is Hot, premiered by himself label in 1995. Since that time, he’s documented an record for JSP Information of London, The Lowdown Throwdown. Cosse presently lives in Santa Clara, California.

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Full Name Ike Cosse
Music Songs The Blues Is The Blues Is The Blues, Bad Decision, She's Expensive, Let It Happen, Brothers Gittin' On With Others, Black Cowboy, Come On Home, Hubba Bubba Brother, Have A Good Time, Ike's Blues, Doggy Style, The Truth, My Baby's So Cynical, I Just Wanna Rent, Vase Of Love, Dog Dang Shoot, Bang Bang Girls, That's The Blues, Hell To Pay, You're The Man, Nothing You Can Do Or Say, Cold Hearted World, When I Get Home
Albums Cold Blooded World, The Lowdown Throwdown

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On the Moonlight Trail 1912 Short A Tramp
Broncho Billy's Last Hold-Up 1912 Short The Doctor
The Little Sheriff 1912 Short Bill Lewis
The Loafer's Mother 1912 Short Gregg Wilson, the Loafer
Broncho Billy's Pal 1912 Short Quick-Draw Kelly
A Moonshiner's Heart 1912 Short Ross Chalmers - Revenue Officer
The Smuggler's Daughter 1912 Short Sheriff
Broncho Billy's Narrow Escape 1912 Short
On the Cactus Trail 1912 Short Dan Clayton
Broncho Billy and the Indian Maid 1912 Short The Sheriff
Western Hearts 1912 Short
On El Monte Ranch 1912 Short
Broncho Billy's Bible 1912 Short Quick-Draw Kelly
The Desert Sweetheart 1912 Short Wells
The Sheriff and His Man 1912 Short Mexican
The Dead Man's Claim 1912 Short Durkin's Partner, Black
Broncho Billy and the Bandits 1912 Short The Arizona Kid
Alkali Ike's Boarding House 1912 Short
Alkali Ike Bests Broncho Billy 1912 Short
A Ranch Widower's Daughters 1912 Short Curley Brown
The Ranch Girl's Mistake 1912 Short
The Prospector's Legacy 1912 Short
The Deputy and the Girl 1912 Short
Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistress 1912 Short Townsman (uncredited)
The Oath of His Office 1912 Short
A Child of the West 1912 Short
Broncho Billy's Adventure 1911 Short The Tavern Owner's Daughter's Sweetheart
Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner 1911 Short Party Guest (uncredited)
Papa's Letter 1911 Short Papa
The Desert Claim 1911 Short
A Cattle Rustler's Father 1911 Short Jim Pritchard - the Son
The Forester's Plea 1911 Short The sheriff
A Western Redemption 1911 Short Deputy
The Stage Driver's Daughter 1911 Short
Town Hall, Tonight 1911 Short
The Strike at the Little Jonny Mine 1911 Short
A Western Girl's Sacrifice 1911 Short
Mustang Pete's Love Affair 1911 Short
The Corporation and the Ranch Girl 1911 Short
Forgiven in Death 1911 Short An Indian
The Lucky Card 1911 Short A Mexican
Alkali Ike's Auto 1911 Short
The Bunco Game at Lizardhead 1911 Short
The Indian Maiden's Lesson 1911 Short
The Sheriff's Chum 1911 Short Prisoner
Across the Plains 1911 Short
On the Desert's Edge 1911 Short
The Outlaw and the Child 1911 Short
The Two Reformations 1911 Short
The Count and the Cowboys 1911 Short
The Bad Man's Christmas Gift 1910 Short
The Tenderfoot Messenger 1910 Short
A Cowboy's Vindication 1910 Short
Circle C Ranch's Wedding Present 1910 Short
A Western Woman's Way 1910 Short
The Little Prospector 1910 Short
The Marked Trail 1910 Short
The Masquerade Cop 1910 Short
Pals of the Range 1910 Short An Indian
The Bearded Bandit 1910 Short
Patricia of the Plains 1910 Short
The Tout's Remembrance 1910 Short
The Pony Express Rider 1910 Short
The Deputy's Love 1910 Short Passenger
Under Western Skies 1910 Short A Cowboy
The Desperado 1910 Short Black Bart
The Unknown Claim 1910 Short A Ranch Hand
The Bad Man's Last Deed 1910 Short The Sheriff
The Forest Ranger 1910 Short
The Ranchman's Feud 1910 Short The Sheriff
The Brother, Sister and the Cowpuncher 1910 Short
The Little Doctor of the Foothills 1910 Short
The Cowpuncher's Ward 1910 Short
A Vein of Gold 1910 Short
The Bad Man and the Preacher 1910 Short
The Mistaken Bandit 1910 Short
The Ranger's Bride 1910 Short
Desert Guns 1936 Cal Jennings (uncredited)
The Faithful Indian 1910 Short
Devil's Canyon 1935
The Flower of the Ranch 1910 Short
Defying the Law 1935 Ace Lane
A Ranchman's Wooing 1910 Short
Border Guns 1934 Buck Morgan - Henchman
The Girl and the Fugitive 1910 Short A Cowboy
The Golden West 1932 Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Method in His Madness 1910 Short Pedestrian at Second Bar / Third Bartender
The Ridin' Kid 1931 Sam Eldridge
The Mexican's Faith 1910 Short Scoundrel's Accomplice
So This Is Arizona 1931 Jake McKeever
The Cowboy and the Squaw 1910 Short The Bartender
Flying Lariats 1931 Tex Johnson
The Outlaw's Sacrifice 1910 Short Walt Malone
Riders of the Cactus 1931 Jake McKeever, alias Jake Wenzel
Won by a Hold-Up 1910 Short Bill
Wild West Whoopee 1931
The Heart of a Cowboy 1909 Short
The Apache Kid's Escape 1930 Ted Conway - Jane's Beau
The Spanish Girl 1909/I Short Pedro Mayos
South of Sonora 1930 Henchman
The Ranchman's Rival 1909 Short The Mexican
Rough and Ready 1930 as Montana Bill
His Reformation 1909 Short
Cowboy Cavalier 1929 Tim Holman (as Montana Bill)
The Best Man Wins 1909 Short
Western Methods 1929
The Mad Miner 1909 Short as Frederick Church
The Unknown Rider 1929
Tag Day 1909 Short as Frederick Church
Trails of Treachery 1928 as Montana Bill
The Cowboy's Baby 1908 Short Joe Dayton (as Frederick Church)
The Vanishing West 1928
Glad Glory
Riders of Vengeance 1928 as Montana Bill
Secrets of the Range 1928 as Montana Bill
The Mansion of Mystery 1927
The Lone Rider 1927 Short Bill (as Montana Bill)
Temple of Terror 1926 as Montana Bill
Two Fisted Buckaroo 1926
Prince of the Saddle 1926
Signal Fires 1926
Stacked Cards 1926 Steve Spencer
The Lost Express 1925 Arthur Standish
Chalk Marks 1924 The Stranger
The Man from New York 1923 Bob Tarrant
The Fighting Kid 1922
Angel Child 1919 Richard Grant
The Son-of-a-Gun 1919 Buck Saunders
Red Blood and Yellow 1919 Short Lightning Curley
Shootin' Mad 1918
All for Gold 1918 Short
The Human Tiger 1918 Short
Beans 1918
The Blindness of Divorce 1918 Burce Livingston
Madame Du Barry 1917 Cossé-Brissac
The Clever Mrs. Carfax 1917 Billy Wise
The Temple of Terror 1917 Short Jack
The Lion's Lair 1917 Short Dick Price
The Last of the Night Riders 1917 Short
The Lure of the Circus 1917 Short Bud
Jungle Treachery 1917 Short Bob McPherson
Squaring It 1917 Short John Moore
A Blissful Calamity 1917 Short Westie
Number 10, Westbound 1917 Short Pete Devins - Edith's Father
Southern Justice 1917 Ray Preston
The Phantom's Secret 1917 Frank Van Dyke
A Startling Climax 1917 Short Gould Hunter
The Honeymoon Surprise 1917 Short Fred Brandon
Giant Powder 1916 Short Jack Kenny
It's Great to Be Married 1916 Short Ray - Mama's Beau
When the Tide Turned 1916 Short Fred (as Frederick Church)
The End of the Rainbow 1916 Ferdinand Stocker
At Twelve O'Clock 1916 Short The Dramatist (as Frederick Church)
A Romance of Billy Goat Hill 1916 Lee Diullingham
The Girl of Lost Lake 1916 Dave Bean
The Secret of the Swamp 1916 Allan Waite
It Happened in Honolulu 1916 Clarence Velie
Her Great Part 1916 Short John Clemens
The Thief of the Desert 1916 Short Enver Kahn
Miss Blossom 1916 Short Morris Prentiss
The Gambler 1916 Short Vance Thomas Jr.
The Brink 1916 Short Frank Fitzgerald
The Flirt 1916/I Short Richard Lindley
The Secret Foe 1916 Short Dr. Harvey Willis (as Frederick Church)
Lonesomeness 1916 Short John Wells
The Heart of Bonita 1916 Short Francisco Sanchez
Her Greatest Story 1916 Short Eugene Tilton
The Wrong Door 1916 Herne
The Wise Man and the Fool 1916 Short Fred Hunt
The Road to Paradise 1915 Short Undetermined Role
When a Queen Loved O'Rourke 1915 Short
The New Adventures of Terence O'Rourke 1915 as Frederick Church
The Palace of Dust 1915 Short
The Long Chance 1915 Oliver Corblay aka The Desert Rat (as Mr. Church)
A Fight to a Finish 1915 Short The Express Messenger
The Yellow Star 1915 Short
A Leap for Life 1915 Short Frank Broadhurst (as Frederick Church)
The Missing Man 1915 Short Joe Ivans - a Forest Ranger
At Twelve O'Clock 1915 Short
The Other Girl 1915/III Short
Brothers 1915 Short
The Greaser 1915 Short
When Shadows Fall 1915 Short
Christmas at Lonesome Gulch 1915 Short Fred - a Miner
The School Teacher at Angel Camp 1914 Short Fred - the School Teacher (as Frederick Church)
Her Higher Ambition 1914 Short Fred
The Circle of Gold 1914 Short Fred - the Husband
Her Birthday Present 1914 Short
Joe's Retribution 1914 Short
The Hello Girl of Angel Camp 1914 Short
A Belle of Olden Days 1914 Short Weak Hands, the Prehistoric Sweetheart
The Bandit of Devil's Gap 1914 Short
Man to Man 1914 Short Fred - the Sheriff
Dolly's Deliverance 1914 Short Fred - the Foreman
The Girl from Texas 1914 Short Fred
The Blacksmith's Daughter 1914 Short Fred
In the Hollow of an Oak 1914 Short Fred
Four Days 1914 Short Fred
The Man in the Attic 1914 Short Fred
A Rose of Yesterday 1914 Short Fred
Cattle 1914 Short Fred
Universal Ike and the School Belle 1914 Short Freddie
Sophie Picks a Dead One 1914 Short Bugle Player
What Came to Bar Q 1914 Short Fred Church
A Night on the Road 1914 Short John Duncan
Broncho Billy, Guardian 1914 Short
The Cast of the Die 1914 Short Fred Church
The Story of the Old Gun 1914 Short The Former Sheriff
The Hills of Peace 1914 Short Fred Church
The Awakening at Snakeville 1914 Short Rawhide Bill
A Snakeville Courtship 1913 Short Rawhide Bill
Broncho Billy's Christmas Deed 1913 Short
The Three Gamblers 1913 Short
Broncho Billy's Squareness 1913 Short Earl Briggs
A Romance of the Hills 1913 Short
Sophie's Hero 1913 Short Rawhide Bill
The End of the Circle 1913 Short The Prospector
The New Schoolmarm of Green River 1913 Short The Mailman
The Doctor's Duty 1913/I Short Fred Church
The Kid Sheriff 1913 Short Fred Church
Alkali Ike and the Wildman 1913 Short The Wildman
Broncho Billy Gets Square 1913 Short
Love and the Law 1913/II Short Ted
The Struggle 1913/IV Short The Sheriff (as Frederick Church)
The Belle of Siskiyou 1913 Short The Sheriff
Why Broncho Billy Left Bear Country 1913 Short The Sheriff
The Broken Parole 1913 Short Red Lewis
Broncho Billy Reforms 1913 Short
Bonnie of the Hills 1913 Short Ralph Stuart
Broncho Billy's Conscience 1913 Short Tom Warner
The Episode at Cloudy Canyon 1913 Short Fred Harris
Alkali Ike's Gal 1913 Short Rawhide Bill
The Edge of Things 1913 Short George Clayton
Their Promise 1913 Short
The Dance at Eagle Pass 1913 Short Jim Barton
Broncho Billy and the Western Girls 1913 Short The Gang Leader
At the Lariat's End 1913 Short
The Life We Live 1913 Short
Broncho Billy's Strategy 1913 Short
Alkali Ike and the Hypnotist 1913 Short Rawhide Bill
The Rustler's Spur 1913 Short
Broncho Billy's Capture 1913 Short Juan Yukas
The Last Shot 1913 Short Tom Clay - Lee's Son
Broncho Billy and the Express Rider 1913 Short Ralph Spaulding, the Express Rider
A Widow of Nevada 1913 Short Foster
The Ranch Girl's Partner 1913 Short John Kelton
Broncho Billy's Reason 1913 Short
Broncho Billy's Gratefulness 1913 Short Fred Church
Broncho Billy's Sister 1913 Short Fred Church
The Influence of Broncho Billy 1913 Short
Broncho Billy and the Sheriff's Kid 1913 Short Dr. Brush
The Making of Broncho Billy 1913 Short
Broncho Billy's Gun Play 1913 Short Hawk Eye
Broncho Billy's Brother 1913 Short Dick, Broncho Billy's Brother
The Miner's Request 1913 Short An Easterner
The Sheriff's Inheritance 1912 Short
Alkali Ike's Motorcycle 1912 Short
The Prospector 1912 Short Jim Clayton
Western Girls 1912 Short
Broncho Billy's Mexican Wife 1912 Short Manuel, The Mexican Man with the Guitar
Broncho Billy's Heart 1912 Short Jim Davis
The Dance at Silver Gulch 1912 Short Joe Barton
An Indian's Friendship 1912 Short Yellow Wolf
The Ranch Girl's Trial 1912 Short Big Moose
The Tomboy on Bar Z 1912 Short Sheriff
The Shotgun Ranchman 1912 Short The Hunter
Alkali Ike Stung! 1912 Short
An Indian Sunbeam 1912 Short Bob's Friend
Alkali Ike's Pants 1912 Short Coyote Simpson
A Woman of Arizona 1912 Short
The Ranchman's Trust 1912 Short Elliott Stapleton
Broncho Billy for Sheriff 1912 Short
Alkali Ike Plays the Devil 1912 Short uncredited
Broncho Billy's Escapade 1912 Short



The Futility of Revenge 1914 Short



The Unknown Rider 1929 writer

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