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Ignaz Lachner

Younger brother of Franz Lachner, Ignaz was trained both in Augsburg and Munich. Then visited Vienna and analyzed straight with Franz Lachner so when Franz vacated the organist placement on the Lutheran cathedral in Vienna, Ignaz changed him. Like his sibling, Ignaz was a proficient conductor. He kept a number of poisitions as associate Kapellmeister in the Vienna Courtroom Opera (1828), the musical directorship from the Stuttgart courtroom (1831), the Kapellmeister from the courtroom opera in Munich (1842), primary Kapellmeister from the Hamburg theatre (1853), the courtroom Kapellmeister in Stockholm (1858), and the principal conductor from the orchestra at Frankfurt am Primary from 1861 until his pension. The genres where Ignaz Lachner constructed included operas, dramatic “Alpenszenen,” string quartets, trios, sonatinas, sonatas, and chamber music.

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