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Puerto Rico-based ÌFÉ may be the music, visual, and religious task of American drummer/manufacturer/singer Otura Mun (delivered Tag Underwood). Self-described simply because “upcoming Afro-Caribeña fusion,” ÌFÉ’s audio is usually a cross-cultural amalgam that begins using the sonic discussions of Cuban rhumba and provides layers of digital synth textures, polyrhythmic patterns, as well as the defeating heart from the Western African Yoruba religious beliefs. After responding to a spiritual contact 2012, Mun became a priest (or “babalawo”) from the Ifa branch, which would turn into a weighty impact on ÌFÉ. Fifteen years prior, he was living in the home in Hammond, Indiana. He fell deeply in love with Puerto Rico after an opportunity visit to the isle and later on relocated in 1999 following the unpredicted loss of life of his sibling. Beginning anew, he spun for celebrations as DJ Character and became a maker, working with regional Puerto Rican music artists like reggae music group Cultura Profética, hip-hop clothing Ciencia Fixion, vocalist Mima, and reggaeton designer Small Ragga. Recruiting music artists Rafael Maya, Beto Torrens, Kathy Capeda, Anthony Sierra, and Yarimir Caban, aswell as dancers Jorvian Santana Ayala and Walian Sanchez, Mun produced ÌFÉ in 2015. Called after the historic Yoruban town, ÌFÉ’s musical mix echoes the rhythms of Konono No. 1, the experimental reach of Gorillaz, and the original soulfulness of Amadou & Mariam, bridging Aged Globe and New, america and Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Africa, and days gone by and today’s. Their debut found its way to early 2017. IIII + IIII — the 1st primary in the binary divination program of Ifa — presented the singles “Home of Like” and “Bangah (Pico con Pala),” and a cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Like.”

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