If was Great Britain’s contribution towards the jazz-rock motion begun and popularized in the late ’60s/early ’70s by Bloodstream, Perspiration & Tears and Chicago. Created in 1969 by Melody Manufacturer jazz poll winners Dave Quincy, Dick Morrissey, and Terry Smith, the music group never found well-known success in america. However, If created many albums noteworthy for putting jazz players inside a pop/rock and roll music group context and creating a accurate fusion of both styles without diluting the players’ improvisational abilities. Unlike the majority of their horn-band contemporaries, If experienced no brass players within the music group, relying solely within the saxophones of Dick Morrissey as well as the flute and saxophones of Dave Quincy. But what actually offered If its exclusive sound had been the vocals of J.W. Hodgkinson and your guitar of Terry Smith. Hodgkinson’s vocal timbre was uncommon — smooth, versatile, and strong within the top quality, sounding like no additional vocalist. Smith’s trebly acoustic guitar audio was also exclusive, merging a rocker’s usage of sustain using the jazz fluency of Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt. The initial incarnation of If created five superb albums between 1970 and 1972, but these albums didn’t find an target audience. Morrissey soldiered on using the If name for just two even more albums with a completely different lineup and a far more generic rock-type audio, but these, as well, proceeded to go nowhere. Drummer Dennis Elliott was afterwards a member from the platinum-selling rock-band Foreigner.

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Music Songs Pohyby Hlavou, Diky Nam, To Nejsem Já, Rok A Pul, Nuž Na Krku, Selfie Tyc, Sunday Sad, Samá Voda, Cesta Kolem Sveta, Muzi V Cernem, Nech Nas Jit, Dej Mi Víc, Ruce Vzhuru, Stop Play, Dobrou Noc / Lucifer, Fibonacci's Number, Po Nás Prijdeme My, Your City Is Falling, Sweet January, In the Winter Of Your Life, I'm Reaching Out on All Sides, III / Produkt, I Couldn't Write and Tell You, Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass, V Cizim Meste / Smerovaci Cislo, The Men Who Won't Come Back, What Did I Say About the Box Jack?, Assault On Radical Radio, Peebles on the Beach, The Promised Land, Pod Hladinou, Seldom Seen Sam
Albums Tea Break Over–Back on Your 'Eads!, Waterfall, Not Just Another Bunch of Pretty Faces, If 3, Double Diamond, If, Forgotten Roads: The Best of If, If 4, If 2, Europe '72 (Live), Siren'odrome, If Europe 1972, LIARS, Surviving Sandy Cove, Stop Play, The Stairway, 2, Fibonacci's Number - More Live If (Digitally Remastered Version), 4, If (Remastered), If 4 (Remastered), If 2 (Remastered)

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