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San Antonio’s Jeff DeCuir is a single for keeping his submit several things musically, from his punk times with the continuing experimentation from the collective he leads, Crevice. So it is no real surprise that he began up just one more band aswell, specifically Hyperbubble, which includes himself on keyboards and his wife, Jessica — like Jeff, a veteran from the bouncy AM retro-pop group Green Filth — on vocals and keyboards. The concentrate of the group is normally happily and unashamedly that of the synth pop period; everything’s electronic in the drum is better than on up, apart from the performing (and also that has got the Vocoder treatment once in awhile). Starting formal lifestyle in 2000 using a concert in its hometown, Hyperbubble continuing performing and accumulating a repertoire of primary songs (as opposed to Green Filth’s large reliance on addresses) in addition to contributing a number of remixes to such like-minded individuals as Mission Large. The group’s formal documented debut emerged four years following its focus on the short but exciting Sol!d Play 2004.

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