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Hugo de Lantins

The compositions of Hugo de Lantins come in the same manuscripts as those of Arnold de Lantins. Several Hugo’s works include dedications like the praising of Doge Francesco Foscari in the motet “Christus vincit,” as well as the ballata “Tra quante regione” where he praised Sparta, the Eastern Roman Empire nd the bride-to-be from the Prince of Sparta. These dedictions reveal Hugo’s activity in Italy aswell. The commitment in his rondeau “Mirar non posso,” as well as the dedicatory commonalities of Dufay indicate an in depth relationship betwen both composers. The Gloria-Credo couple of Hugo de Lantins includes identical openings in every three from the voices as well as the pattern within the tenor is certainly frequently repeated in both people of the set. Hugo’s works could be distinguished through the functions of Arnold because Hugo’s compositions relatively include a lot of imitation and a Gloria using a cannon in both upper voices. Neither of the attributes are located in the compositions of Arnold.

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