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As predictable mainly because the music folks heavy metal music group the Hounds was, its insufficient intelligence paled into insignificance in comparison to their record sleeves. On Unleashed, their 1978 debut for Columbia Information, John Hunter (vocals, keyboards), Jim Orkis (acoustic guitar), Glen Rupp (acoustic guitar), Joe Cuttone (bass) and John Horvath (drums) struck unpleasant macho poses behind salivating, chained canines. The music included within struck out aggressively, but with small substance, as the lyrics triggered at least one episode of hilarity among the critics put through it. Puttin’ On YOUR DOG continuing in the same vein, but right now, Columbia’s preliminary self-confidence in the group experienced basically collapsed. Though Vertebral Tap have recognized that their rock satire was predicated on the real-life exploits of Uriah Heep, they could just like easily have already been influenced by either from the Hounds’ record sleeves.

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