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Hoola Bandoola Band

Hoola Bandoola Music group was, as well as Nationalteatern, the largest music group from the Swedish prog rock and roll motion. And where Nationalteatern place social reasonable lyrics to rock and roll music, Hoola Bandoola acquired even more politics lyrics and swerved additional from traditional rock and roll. The origins from the music group is usually to be within the failed task Spridda Skurar, which Clemmendson and Afzelius had been associates. Wiehe was known as in as songwriter, nonetheless it were left with the three of these developing Hoola Bandoola, acquiring the name from a expression within a Donald Duck film, together with key pad participant Randén, bass participant Frank, drummer Kjellgren, and percussionist Skytte. In 1971, that they had their initial radio strike and had been immediately approached by two record businesses, one industrial and one choice, MNW. In the politics climate from the ’70s, the decision of aspect was essential, and by selecting the alternative business, Hoola Bandoola had become probably the most well-known music group on the choice part in Sweden. Their debut in 1971, Garanterat Individuell, was hailed as the beginning of a new period for Swedish pop and was elected the recording of the entire year. It was not really overly politics when it found lyrics, but on Vem Kan Guy Lita På, released another yr, the socialist message was clearer. It still offered perfectly and included long-lasting strikes like “Herkules.” With På Väg, documented using the balalaika orchestra Södra Bergens Balalajkor, Hoola Bandoola became among the best-selling organizations in Sweden. However the following year they got a break, where Afzelius released his solo debut, Vem Är Det Som Är Rädd. In 1975, they reunited for the recording Fri Information, where in fact the socialist message was even more outspoken than previously. And this period, Afzelius wrote half from the tracks, where before it turned out Wiehe writing almost anything. In 1975, the choice moment gathered towards a tennis video game performed between Sweden and a Chile ruled from the armed service dictatorship, as well as for that event, Hoola Bandoola released “Stoppa Matchen” as an individual. This was to become their last studio room recording. Next 12 months, the music group split up and Wiehe and Afzelius began very successful professions as vocalist/songwriters, both collectively and independently. After 20 years’ lack, Hoola Bandoola reunited in 1996, playing warmup for Bob Dylan and heading independently nationwide tour. Upon this tour, the recording För Dom Som Kommer Sen was documented. However in 1999, Afzelius passed away, making additional reunions even more unlikely.

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