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Honourable Apache

b. Richard Bailey, Kingston, Jamaica, Western world Indies. Bailey’s educational achievements resulted in his preliminary aspiration to become teacher. He might well have satisfied his ambition acquired he not really been attracted to the delights from the dancehall and extremely emulated his DJ heroes. In the middle-80s he emigrated to Baltimore, USA. He shortly discovered solace with an area audio system, where he nurtured his profession. Although he demonstrated a reliable performer, his area in Baltimore provided little possibility to sustain a profession being a DJ. In 1988 he transferred to Miami where his popularity quickly spread, and he enticed the interest of Willie Lindo who had taken him in to the studio room. The sessions led to ‘Strength Man’, ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Gangsta Move’ for Lindo’s Large Defeat label. The historical end to Nelson Mandela’s incarceration was defined in Apache’s 1990 strike, ‘Them Free of charge Mandela’. In the same calendar year, he recorded in conjunction with Screwdriver the neighborhood hit ‘Long Period’. His achievement resulted in live appearances in the Jamaican Reggae Sunsplash Event in 1992 and 1993, aswell as the Miami Reggae Event, previously referred to as the Jamaica Consciousness Reggae Event, for four consecutive years. In 1994 Honourable Apache created his biggest strike, ‘Yardie Anthem’. His prominence resulted in a putting your signature on with Clifton ‘Professional’ Dillon, who, through his Shang creation stable, successfully revealed functions by Shabba Rates, Mad Cobra and Patra to a worldwide audience. From the middle-90s he became the Hono Rebel Apache, a name emphasizing his unwillingness to bargain his music for industrial purposes.

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