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Honolulu Mountain Daffodils

A scatterbrained as well as perhaps drunken saving entity predicated on the collective skills of guitarist Joachim Pimento, fuzz guitarist/keyboardist Zoe Zettner, fuzz guitarist/vocalist Lord Sulaco, fuzz guitarist/percussionist Daiquiri J. Wright, fuzz guitarist Franklin Silverheels, and bassist Smoky Alvaro (yes, they evidently liked the audio of the fuzz acoustic guitar), the Honolulu Hill Daffodils collected occasionally through the entire past due ’80s and early ’90s to patch collectively information that threw just about anything imaginable right into a blender (from Kraftwerk to Tom Waits towards the Ramones to Dark Sabbath to Neu! and everything factors between). The ill-rehearsed outcomes were always unequal, but a great time was assured every time they collected into a studio room. The only accurate ambition from the Daffodils was to possess their records can be found in obscurity until creating a cult of enthusiasts via a stable slew of buck bin discoveries. Actually, as legend offers it, the artwork for the 1987 recording Guitars from the Oceanic Overgrowth was made to look as though it got spent at least 2 decades gathering dirt in an archive shop’s sunshine-prone windowpane screen. Guitars was their 1st recording and was adopted the next yr by Tequila Dementia, and the trilogy was finished three years afterwards by Aloha Sayonara (the Psychic Hit-List Victim EP premiered in 1991). Evidently the band split shortly thereafter; lord (or Lord Sulaco) understands why.

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