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Hollow Rock String Band

The mid-’60s was a period of great excitement in the wonderful world of traditional American music. Many youthful players were searching for the old legends in the music and creating their very own rings. One great center point of such activity was the region around Chapel Hill and Durham, NC, and in this locale, the living area of musical few Tommy and Bobbie Thompson was a spot. Two distinctive groupings would emerge out of the get-togethers, plus some members of the groups would ultimately morph in to the well-known Crimson Clay Ramblers. The Fuzzy Hill String Music group was some sort of a huge music group of string rings that advanced out of the house sessions, as the Hollow Rock and roll String Music group was a very much smaller sized group whose account was something of the all-star band of the brand-new old-time players. There have been four regular associates from the Hollow Rock and roll String Band, and a loosely described group of extra music artists that could be heard using the group at a casual event. The music group recorded its 1st recording in 1967 for the Kanawha label, nonetheless it wound up released a yr later on and was as well late to become noticed by fiddler Henry Reed, the group’s number 1 musical impact, who offered while the documenting was still in the can. Another and better-quality documenting was completed for Rounder in 1968. The group dissolved soon after this second option release. From the regular membership, Bobbie and Tommy Thompson are no more on the picture. She passed away in a vehicle accident in 1972, while he retired from carrying out due to wellness factors in the middle-’90s after an extended and prominent profession as an associate from the Crimson Clay Ramblers, aswell as working like a article writer, playwright, and historian. Bertram Levy relocated towards the Western Coast where he’s energetic on banjo, mandolin, and many other tools. Fiddler Alan Jabbour offers held up a occupied schedule of shows, recordings, and workshops in old-time music. People of the group hardly ever, but occasionally, gather to perform in a variety of combinations beneath the unique name, like a trio of Jabbour, Levy, and Ramblers mandolinist Jim Watson who performed in an advantage for Tommy Thompson in Chapel Hill in 1997. In liner records for the group’s second recording, Jabbour highlights that even though the group’s life-span was brief and without substantial commercial achievement, he sensed they definitely attained their aim, that was to take in the wealthy repertoire of traditional music out of this area and present it in that form that another era of players will be eager to make it on.

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