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High atop a magical mountain, a coven of witches chanted spells simply because lightning struck the planet earth. Five eggs manufactured from metal were uncovered underneath, hatching several prehistoric animals with a significant need to rock and roll. Thus HeviSaurus was created, roughly the legend will go. Formed in ’09 2009 by five Finnish parents who desired some kid-friendly power metallic for their personal kids, HeviSaurus proclaimed their like of dairy and cookies, burping, furry pets, and the need for school, garnering enormous popularity using their market and parents as well. The studio music group is made up of Herra Hevisaurus (tyrannosaurus on vocals), Milli Pilli (triceratops on keyboards), Komppi Momppi (apatosaurus on drums), Riffi Raffi (a dragon on acoustic guitar), and Muffi Puffi (stegosaurus on bass), while performers within their live concerts rotate. After their 2009 debut, Jurahevin Kuninkaat (“Kings of Jurassic Metallic”), they released successively well-known albums, peaking in 2012 using the Finnish-chart-topper, Kadonneen louhikaarmeen. Though authorized with Sony Music Finland, a agreement dispute in 2011 briefly pressured the creation of the competitor music group — composed of the same human being members — known as SauruXet, who just released one recording, Saurusplaneetta. In Argentina, they have even some franchise counterparts — Heavysaurios — who sing the same tunes, however in Spanish. They received Finnish and Argentinian Grammy-equivalents for Greatest Children’s Music, opened up carnivals, and starred in video gaming and a full-length film. By past due 2015, word pass on to america, exposing these to a new target audience.

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