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Henry Stuckey

Henry Stuckey was the accidental creator from the so-called Bentonia custom of nation blues. Blessed in 1897 in Bentonia, MS, Stuckey discovered an open up E minor electric guitar tuning from dark Bahamian military while portion in France during Globe Battle I, and upon coming back house in 1919, included the tuning into his playing, ultimately teaching it to a youthful guitar player, Neglect Adam, around 1924. Adam highlighted the tuning on many of the 18 edges he documented for Paramount in 1931, recordings that became cherished by blues scholars, historians, and enthusiasts for their distinct plaintive and eerie audio. A small number of guitarists in the Bentonia area used the tuning, including Jack port Owens and Cornelius Shiny, aswell as Stuckey and Adam, and music like “CRISIS,” “Cherry Ball,” “Devil Blues,” as well as the eight-bar fiddle tune “Drunken Spree” produced the repertoire of a definite local blues custom. Stuckey, however, was never documented, although he was interviewed by blues research workers in the middle-’60s, of which period he defined teaching the tuning and choosing style to Adam among others. Henry Stuckey passed away of cancers in 1966.

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