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Henry Lester

A set of front-line fiddles is approximately as dear in either old-time string music group or American music as a set of aces in poker. Perhaps one of the most interesting historical string rings, the East Tx Serenaders got along with just one single fiddle, many thanks, for quite awhile, bolstering the quantity of flailing bows on-stage by using a cellist. In 1937, nevertheless, the group added another fiddler, Henry Lester, to try out both together and counterpoint towards the parts performed by David Huggins Williams, who got founded the ensemble out of his Linsdale, TX, foundation in the past due ’20s. The brand new fiddler’s sibling, Sonny Lester, also became a member of the group in 1937, changing tenor banjoist John Munnerlyn, who got shifted to Houston. Neither from the Lesters available additional recordings. With one feet in the first background of bluegrass as well as the additional in Western golf swing, the East Tx Serenaders recorded a complete of some two dozen edges from the past due ’20s for the Brunswick, Decca, and Columbia brands, and these classes using the Lester brothers ended up being the last. Some string rings of that time period stuffed their repertoire encounters on square dance music, the East Tx Serenaders had constantly avoided this area of the smorgasbord as well as the materials structured for these last recordings was no exclusion, including up-tempo amounts such as for example “Az Stomp” which were precursors from the “sizzling” Traditional western swing instrumental, and a good offering of waltzes, among the group’s musical comfort food types for certain. As had been the situation, the group strayed well beyond your easy square dance secrets of G, D, and A, in to the technically more challenging keys such as for example F. Some Traditional western swing philosophers come back a jaded verdict on a few of this fiddling, declaring that later Traditional western swing giants from the fiddle, such as for example Bob Wills, Jesse Ashlock, as well as the tired Sleepy Johnson, had been much more affected by groups like the Smith’s Garage area Band, the dark Dallas String Music group, as well as the innovative rings of fiddler Prince Albert Hunt. Additional organizations that performed many rags and waltzes included the Tx Nighthawks offering the fine metal guitarist Roy Rodgers as well as the Humphries Brothers. The East Tx Serenaders bandleader Williams’ playing design had been marked with a duality of so-called “genuine” and “folk” affects. He was a performer who could and do present both ends from the spectrum, which range from cool blues-influenced materials to waltzes that shown formal violin methods he discovered from regional music instructor Ellen Cannon. While his musical history and upbringing are obscure, Lester’s fiddling appears up to the high specifications arranged by his business. Playing in counterpoint towards the Huggins component, the next fiddler makes the action-packed “Serenaders’ Waltz” appear the most immediate connect to the Traditional western golf swing bloodline as the group’s materials, meaning even though waltzing the East Tx Serenaders went having a flourish.

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