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Henricus Albicastro

Henricus Albicastro can be referred to as Heinrich Weissenburg and Johannes Hendrik Weysenbergh, Viennensis. He’s regarded as a Swiss composer and violinist who resided in Holland. It really is apparent at least that he was signed up for the School of Leiden (1681) and most likely lived some time in Amsterdam. The main mention of Albicastro originates from what of Quantz’s autobiogrpahy when Quantz discusses his particular research from the violin. “In the same breathing” Quantz identifies Albicastro, Biber and Walther the second option two becoming known for his or her prowess for the violin. Appropriately Albicastro is considered to have already been an erudite participant. His compositions, including sonatas and concertos, had been current concerning the structures from the chordal progressions and sequences. Albicastro also proven a service with chromatics and discovered baroque stylings.

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