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American composer and sound designer Kim Cascone could be even more recognizable in his previous role as head of Silent Information, the label he founded within the middle-’80s, but his recordings as Spice Barons, Thessalonians, PGR, and, frequently, Heavenly Music Corporation or his personal name, have already been equally as noticeable. A soundtrack composer through the entire early ’80s before stunning from his personal, Cascone formally researched electronic music set up and composition in the Berklee University of Music in the first ’70s before learning along with Dana McCurdy at Manhattan’s New College in 1976. Subsequently operating as associate musical supervisor under movie director David Lynch on both Twin Peaks and Crazy in mind, Cascone remaining Hollywood for SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA within the middle-’80s to pursue single composition, developing Silent Information in 1986 after self-releasing his 1st PGR recording, Silence. Though a lot more abrasive and conflicted than a lot of his later on work, PGR’s usage of consistency and compositional opportunity is a continuous throughout the entire of Cascone’s oeuvre. Several PGR titles adopted — both on Silent as well as the RRRecords, Noctovision, and Permis de Construire brands — and Cascone offers since gone to record mainly as Heavenly Music Company, releasing the majority of his sort out Silent. Deriving the name through the seminal documenting by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp on the 1973 cooperation No Pussyfooting, HMC’s concentrate, with some exceptions, continues to be on beatless ambient, from 1993 with In a Backyard of Eden (made up before the delivery of Cascone’s boy, Cage), and operating through some releases within the middle-’90s. Functioning toward significantly abstract aural sculptures, HMC’s dabbling using the golf club culture most brand-new ambient composers turn to for motivation has stretched no more compared to the sparse rhythms that pervade Awareness III plus some of Lunar Stage, using the lion’s talk about of his materials sketching from early digital and musique concrète composers such as for example Morton Subotnick, John Cage, and Luciano Berio. Cascone still left Silent in 1996 to pursue style and structure at Headspace, a media company began by Thomas Dolby. [Find also: Kim Cascone, PGR]

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