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There were bands, solo artists, record producers, record labels, with least one famous movie with this name — but non-e approach the mind-boggling song list featured on the 1970 album within the Buddah label occasionally credited to an organization called Head. This recording was also released under other music group names, including Artwork in Space and 107-34-8933. Maybe some confusion regarding responsibility was essential for a function consisting of the next three tunes: “Cannabis Sativa,” “Methedrine,” and “Lysergic Acidity Diethylamide.” Exploitation from the medication culture was obviously totally rampant during this time period, yet the Mind album is truly a relatively different type of stash than additional pseudo-psychedelic endeavors released with related far-out product packaging. While these kinds of albums frequently feature anonymous studio room music artists fiddling around, the Buddah record was the task of an early on digital music experimenter, Nik Raicevic, also called both Nik Pascal as well as the full-blown Nik Pascal Raicevic. The record label turfed this performer out prior to the finish of the entire year, an attempt to completely clean out blatant medication references through the catalog. Mind originally came before Captain Beefheart’s Safe and sound As Dairy in the Buddah catalog. While Raicevic’s attempts were occasionally advertised as “digital music from artwork in space” as well as perhaps not linked to drug abuse whatsoever, he did opt to contact his personal record business Narco. He released at least three albums upon this imprint. Some unique pressings of Mind was included with a color book. Raicevic is definitely acknowledged with playing percussion within the Goats Mind Soup album from the Rolling Stones.

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