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Hayne van Ghizeghem

Hayne was devote the charge of Constans Breuwe by Charles the Daring (before Charles became Ruler). It really is possible that Constans was Hayne’s 1st instructor. He exhibited an excellent tone of voice and sang within the chorus of Charles. Compositions by Hayne had been contained in the manuscripts from your French Royal courtroom and illustrate his meritorious function. Only two additional composers had been accorded this privilege: Agricola and Compere. It had been not particular when Hayne passed away; nevertheless, he was depicted among the music artists welcoming Ockeghem in to the afterworld and Ockeghem passed away in 1497. The genre which Hayne pursued was that from the rondeaux. Nearly all these works had been made up for three voices, in 2/4 period, dominated with the treble tone of voice. Following the kinds of your day he was constant in symmetry, a motion of syllabic text messages toward the melismatic and in his usage of syncopation. Oddly enough he would surface finish his compositions on a single note from the setting offering his music a feeling of key-centeredness and demonstrating a path to his music. Hayne’s hallmark chansons had been “Allez regrets,” “De tous biens plaine,” “La regretee,” and “Mon souvenir.”

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