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Harry Turen

An experienced vaudeville performer, Harry Turen competed with five additional flamboyant showmen in the Korn Kobblers combo, attracting plenty of focus on warrant assessment with better-remembered music comedy entertainers such as for example Jimmy Durante, Jack port Benny, and George Jessel. A multi-instrumentalist with the capacity of both performing and taunting the right man inside a comic work, Turen can also be said to experienced the talents of most three combined, a good enough reason he is essentially forgotten. A lot more obscure than Turen himself may be the group he led when getting started, Turen’s Feet Teasers. There is absolutely no reason behind Turen’s feelings to become stubbed in this respect considering that the city the music group originated from — Lyons, NE — can be pretty much unfamiliar alone. Roaring from the mouth area of Lyons had not been just Turen but Stan Fritts, the second option to be the business lead cob, as they say, in the Korn Kobblers. Fritts was among Turen’s Bottom Teasers too, before the founding in the past due ’30s of a fresh combo, that while corny or simply because corny, would offer thousands of information. Turen also proved helpful as a computer printer and editor from the Lyons paper, adding up to numerous opportunities for self-promoting a music group. A major facet of the Korn Kobblers’ buzz centered throughout the odd instruments the associates played furthermore on track axes. Turen began being a reedman, increasing the arsenal of sax and clarinet on-stage using a mouth area harp and fiddle aswell as mysterious issues referred to as a “tonette” and a “smokestack.” Even though many instrumentalists are smokers, the “smokestack” symbolized a combined mix of smoking cigarettes and entertainment, such as a few of Victor Borge’s cigar gags. At least a half dozen stogies had been incinerated per display within this routine, a predicament Turen has referred to in interviews as tolerable just because the music group shared the trouble, as an excellent cooperative clothing should. Other people of the group consist of bass fiddler Charlie Koenig and drummer Howard McElroy.

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