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Harlem Hamfats

The Harlem Hamfats were a crack studio music group formed in 1936 by dark talent scout Mayo “Ink” Williams. Its primary function was support jazz and blues performers such as for example Johnny Temple, Rosetta Howard, and Frankie “Fifty percent Pint” Jackson for Decca Information; the Hamfats’ aspect career started when its first record “Oh Crimson” became popular. Despite its name, non-e from the band’s associates originated from Harlem, and non-e had been hamfats, a disparaging term discussing indifferent music artists. Brothers Joe and Charlie McCoy had been blues players from Mississippi; head Supplement Morand, Odell Rand, and John Lindsay had been from New Orleans; Horace Malcolm and drummers Pearlis Williams and Freddie Flynn had been from Chicago. This territorial disparity made a audio which blended several blues designs with New Orleans, Dixieland, and golf swing jazz. The band’s high-spirited playing and exceptional musicianship paid out for what some critics possess called insufficient improvisational skill. The Hamfats’ music continues to be somewhat neglected over time. The vocalists tended to end up being derivative of various other popular performers of your day such as for example Louis Armstrong, Fatty acids Waller, and different blues performers. The lyrical content material of their tracks frequently revolved around topics like consuming and sex, leading some to dismiss them like a light-weight novelty act. Though it can be not viewed as a forward thinking group, the Harlem Hamfats’ riff-based design was important to Louis Jordan, early Muddy Waters, and what would ultimately become tempo & blues and rock and roll & roll.

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