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Hansson & Karlsson

Both members of Hansson & Karlsson are both better-known for other activities — Bo Hansson as the author of the progressive fantasy album Lord from the Rings and Jan Karlsson like a second-rate actor. But playing collectively in the ’60s, these were being among the most essential Swedish intensifying bands, and perhaps the band achieving the most popularity overseas in the ’60s. They used works like Frank Zappa, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix. When the ’60s finished, so that as Hansson & Karlsson were consistently getting big in intensifying circles in European countries, their career found a halt after issues between your two and using their supervisor. Karlsson also went the most exciting intensifying membership in Stockholm, Filips, where, aside from Hansson & Karlsson, rings like Träd, Gräs & Stenar and Mecki Tag Men performed. In 1966, jazz drummer Jan Karlsson was released towards the previous bassist from the Merrymen, Bo Hansson. The last mentioned was still a newbie at the body organ, but Karlsson was therefore impressed using what he noticed that he asked him to create Hansson & Karlsson, an instrumental drum and body organ duo. Their music was constructed on improvisation plus they rarely knew what they might play before concerts. Within the Swedish intensifying motion in the past due ’60s, they drew their folk music affects from bands such as for example International Harvester and Träd Gräs & Stenar. However they had been also inspired by jazz and utilized a heavy body organ sound before it had been common in intensifying rock, a thing that would later on result in Hansson’s internationally effective Lord from the Bands. Hansson & Karlsson’s debut, Monument, premiered in 1967 and was accompanied by Rex, documented live at several concerts around Sweden. Right now, they had reached understand Jimi Hendrix, whom they fulfilled after a concert at one of is own appointments to Stockholm. They performed collectively several occasions and Hendrix also documented the duo’s track “FREE OF TAX.” The 3rd album, Man in the Moon, premiered in 1968, even though being famous in the home, the group also began to obtain even more well-known in European countries, although without ever having a genuine break. An opportunity to switch that came if they had been invited to try out at a concert in Switzerland that might be televised around European countries. The additional three acts had been Jimi Hendrix, Procol Harum, and Cream, and everything had been to become granted equal concentrate in the advertisements and on the posters. But misunderstandings, or possibly downright skulduggery, using the supervisor experienced Hansson & Karlsson carrying out in the North Swedish city of Boden rather, for a somewhat higher spend, but to hardly any worldwide attention. This is the beginning of the finish for the duo, even though recording yet another, rather uninspired recording, they split up in 1969. Karlsson used using Lasse Werner once again, and later on set out with an performing career, mainly concentrating on comedies. Hansson’s biggest musical accomplishments had been still forward, at least commercially and within an worldwide perspective. In the ’70s, his recording Lord from the Bands sold an incredible number of copies and charted in both European countries as well as the U.S. Using a revived fascination with progressive music in the past due ’90s, Hansson & Karlsson reunited for several minor concerts.

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