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Hamish Kilgour

Hailing from Dunedin, New Zealand, drummer/vocalist/songwriter Hamish Kilgour shaped the Clean in 1978 along with his sibling David, going to become an eternally obscure but massively influential group and among the front-runners for the seems that had become referred to as kiwi pop, college rock and roll, and finally alternative and indie rock and roll. The Clean experienced various lineup adjustments in early stages and would proceed through lengthy exercises of inactivity or hiatus. Kilgour remained active in a variety of bands and tasks through a lot of the ’80s, ’90s, and beyond, deeply woven in to the Soaring Nun Information picture that helped spawn like-minded works just like the Bats as well as the Chills. Along with sibling David, Hamish worked well in wistful, jangly shades like the Clean with the fantastic Unwashed in the first ’80s, and continued to do period with bands such as for example Bailter Space as well as the Moles. In 1990, Hamish shaped Monsterland, playing acoustic guitar alongside guitarist/bassist Lisa Siegel. The music group shaped in Auckland, New Zealand, however when they shifted to NEW YORK in 1991, they quickly transformed their name towards the Mad Picture, discovering there is already a fresh York music group using the Monsterland name. Hamish continuing playing and documenting sporadically using the Clean as the years continued, and in 2014 released his first genuine solo record. Released over the Ba Da Bing Information imprint, Everything & Nothing highlighted help on Kilgour’s primary music from Brooklyn veteran indie rockers such as for example Gary Olson and Miggy Littleton.

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