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Hal Pruden

b. USA. Hal Pruden frequently billed himself as ‘the globe’s fastest piano participant’. Thought to have been with the capacity of playing even more records per second than every other pianist, he previously survived scarlet fever and inflammatory rheumatism as a kid. This illness acquired significantly affected his hands, making them briefly paralysed, which produced his supreme dexterity with keyboards even more exceptional. His talents had been soon recognized with work in rings led by Chuck Foster and Bob Crosby. He produced his very own dance music group in 1946 in LA, California, USA, mainly being a ‘piano display’ orchestra. These were signed up with the MCA company, who booked travels on their behalf throughout America. Using their theme tune, ‘Busybody’, the group performed lots of the main resorts and ballrooms, like the Mapes Resort (Reno), the Baker Resort (Dallas), the Shamrock (Houston), the Roosevelt (New Orleans), the Peabody (Memphis) as well as the Statler (Boston). Their longest engagement was on the Flamingo Resort in NEVADA. Pruden quit music group leading in 1953, but continued to be an in-demand pianist.

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