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The Ha-Ono-Beko attracts from diverse components of Brazilian culture to make a sound influenced by Local Indians as well as the Afro-Brazilian tradition blended to Anglo-American pop music, especially funk. Shaped in 1996 by Chico Maloca (bass), Junai (vocal), Cacai (guitar), Dred (vocal/harmonicas), Flávio Leão (drums), Caju (flutes/percussion) and Radi (percussion), the group is situated in Brasília (Government District), a location detached through the artistic scenery, which might take into account its experimental, commercially disinterested strategy. Recording the 3rd party Siga o Sol e Vá em Frente, they perform onstage in tribal clothes and included in argil, trying to make a ritualistic atmosphere that concur the percussion and blowing wind instruments created and constructed by Junai from throw-away materials. The record was marketed in 1999/2000 within a Northeastern tour through Fortaleza, Natal, João Pessoa, Recife, Olinda and Itacaré and in August 2000 they performed a display in Rio de Janeiro recognizing, as normal, a workshop on building their musical instruments. The album provides being sold hands to hand and it is in its third pressing.

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