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H.M. Barnes’ Blue Ridge Ramblers

Just who have the heck is H.M. Barnes? Well, imagine if Elvis “The Ruler” Presley proceeded to go beneath the stage name of “the Colonel’s Elvis Presley.” Barnes was a ’20s promoter who strike the road establishing tour times for the old-timey string music group he fronted firmly like a figurehead. Barnes himself performed no instruments, didn’t sing, and, to the very best of anyone’s understanding, never set feet on-stage throughout a efficiency of the group. The Blue Ridge Ramblers had been a valuable cooperation involving members of the few different string rings who have been known within their personal correct, including Charlie Poole as well as the NEW YORK Ramblers. A number of the paths recorded from the group have grown to be cherished by old-timey music enthusiasts through a number of different anthology reissues, nonetheless it got research carried out in the ’70s by magazines such as Aged Time Music to recognize lots of the players who got participated. The initial known members from the music group, such as for example accordion participant Aubrey Smith and guitarist Kyle Rupp, remaining the Ramblers before any studio room recordings had been completed. Some bandmembers have been energetic in other sets of this ilk, specifically the so-called vaudeville hillbilly rings. These were groupings who had been featured within an evening’s entertainment, but had been in no way bogus variations of old-timey music, as the players acquired often been employed from the best sets of your day. The brothers Fred and Henry Roe performed both in the Ramblers and Al Hopkins’ Hill Billies, another well-known old-timey vaudeville action. The Roe sibling duo documented for State and Columbia under their very own name. Various other players in the group proved helpful in both direct old-timey groupings and vaudeville displays, like the banjoist Jack port Reedy, who documented a famous edition of “Groundhog” for State. NEW YORK fiddler Lonnie Austin toured using the music group, but is noticed on piano over the recordings. A lot of the group’s monitors followed a design of solos for the lead equipment with vocals downplayed or converted into rowdy choral tries. The Ramblers do a blended repertoire of old-timey fiddle music, minstrel numbers, and some marches. Breaks offering three fiddlers simultaneously had been a showcase of both displays and recordings, which, combined with the use of metal guitar, is hook precursor from the Traditional western swing style, without the jazz experience. For their larger-than-usual size, several this kind also tended to remove regional differences between your design of the players, creating something in the type from the homogenized, one-size-fits-all cowboy head wear that nation music would ultimately evolve into on the nationwide level. The Blue Ridge Ramblers had been only energetic for quite some time as an organization, but the music artists as well as the music they performed certainly outlived the vaudeville circuit. A few of these performers had been energetic following folk music revival from the ’60s and ’70s, but no work appears to have been designed to locate H.M. Barnes.

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