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Günter Schickert

Though his name barely registers among a lot of the Krautrock intelligentsia, Gunter Schickert was both prolific in the backdrop and a significant artist. Combined with the better-known Achim Reichel, Schickert pioneered the echo acoustic guitar, where in fact the repeated acoustic guitar tones create exclusive, multi-layered textures that consider the device quite beyond the normal. Schickert was energetic through a lot of the ’60s in the Berlin free of charge jazz picture, though it wasn’t until 1974 that his 1st album, Samtvogel, arrived, self-released by Schickert in a little batch. The recording was unique plenty of that it had been quickly snatched up from the famous Brain label, plus they reissued the record another year. Samtvogel is fairly much like Manuel Göttsching’s solo-guitar recording, Inventions for GUITAR, where acoustic guitar sounds are split and layered together with each other to produce fresh hypnotic textures. In 1973, Schickert founded the trio GAM, with guitarist Axel Struck and percussionist Michael Aleska, and with Schickert on acoustic guitar, vocals, and trumpet, this group produced a unique type of freaked-out space rock and roll. GAM documented some jam classes in 1976, that have been finally released on cassette in 1986 and entitled Gam 1976, and an unreleased recording known as Eiszeit in 1978. At the moment Schickert was also creating music for any theater company, as well as carrying out live on-stage in a few from the productions. He also offered like a roadie for digital music pioneer Klaus Schulze, and occasionally performed live with Schulze aswell. Schickert’s second single album, Uberfallig, arrived in 1979 on Sky Information, this time around with Charles Heuer on drums to augment Schickert’s echoed acoustic guitar textures. In the ’80s, Schickert’s function in theater creation continuing, and he also required part in several rings, No Zen Orchestra and Ziguri Ego Zoo. Another record under his very own name, that one a completely single work with him on electric guitar, tapes, vocals, percussion, and trumpet, 1993’s Kinder der Wildnes just arrived on cassette, though it demonstrated that Schickert was growing right into a wider selection of musical designs. Another collection, Somnabal, premiered in 1995 on Compact disc with music from through the entire decade-and-a-half before that. Though his recordings are few and hard to locate, specifically the debut Samtvogel, Schickert can be an innovative music inventor who deserves even more notice.

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