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Gunnar Bjorksten

Blessed in Finland in the first ’30s, this performer grew up by a mom who was simply a piano instructor. Gunnar Bjorksten, occasionally referred to as Hacke Bjorksten, began being a clarinet participant and then proved helpful his method down, adding a flute towards the objective as an afterthought. In 1950 he started working as an associate of Kenneth Fagerlund’s music group and four years afterwards was leading his very own group, a septet that performed in neighboring Sweden aswell. The jazz audience in the last mentioned country had taken a preference to his initiatives, awarding Bjorksten a high honor for just one of his recordings in 1956. As an alto saxophonist Bjorksten was extremely inspired by Lee Konitz, blending this up with the omnipresence of Stan Getz when it became a tenor saxophone that had been unpacked at gigs. Strangely more than enough, Bjorksten chose never to make use of his true name on what could have been his most significant recording time, a program led with the great bassist of very much knowledge, Tommy Potter. Whenever a lucky collector manages to discover this slab, entitled Tommy Potter’s Hard Funk with no slightest little bit of braggadocio, there will undoubtedly become raving about “the fantastic tenor sax solos of Woody Birch.” While such a name might reveal the best in origins music reaches hand, the real participant upon this record was Bjorksten.

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