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Guillaume Lasceux

At age eighteen Lasceux had been an organist in the village of Chevreuse. Afterwards he visited Paris and examined with Charles Noblet the harpsichordist from the Opera. He kept the positioning of a supplementary organist to Claude-Nicholas Ingrain at St Etienne-du-Mont and concurrently kept organist content with Mathurins, St Aure, Minimes de Place Royale, the faculty de Navarre and Seminaire S Magliore. When the Trend occurred he dropped the majority of his positions but preserved himself by playing for The Theophilanthropists. Lasceux resumed his placement at St Etinne in 1803 where he was known for his improvisatory technique and virtuosity. The styles where he constructed included comic operas, key pad sonatas with accompaniment, and agreements of popular music for the key pad. Amateurs respected his work.

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