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Guillaume Costeley

The primary genre of Costeley’s music was the chanson. He was most likely the 1st composer, however, to hire the usage of the word “atmosphere” to his chansons. The word put on musical styles repeated in support of slightly assorted from stanza to stanza of varied poems arranged to music, but, the rhythms had been constant throughout. Costeley was familair with and could experienced a mutual impact regarding such music artists as Arcadelt, Sandrin, Ronsard, Belleau, Baif and Maillard. He was operating towards the Italian courtroom and therefore, the Queen Mom Catherine de’Medici. Costeley attempted a number of nuances within this content of his compositions. These adaptations included microtones, multiple accidentals, vertical harmonies instead of counter factors, and augmented and reduced intervals. Key pad music was Costeley’s forte but no French key pad music out of this time period continues to be; accordingly, his just extant piece keeps a location of privilege.

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