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Group Eighteen Fifty can be an interesting, if sometimes exasperating, later-’60s Dutch music group who ranks being among the most accomplished and primary Continental rock serves of the period, though they made small impression in English-speaking territories. Beginning as a far more or much less conventional beat music group in the middle-’60s, that they had used a convert for the even more psychedelic and bizarre by 1967. Determined to operate a vehicle into the center from the psychedelic beast, their music (performed in British) are very eclectic for the period, moving from doom-laden tempos with growling vocals to sun-drenched, utopian passages with breezy harmonies. The group could possibly be roughly called an assortment of the early Moms of Invention (whom they backed in a Dutch concert in 1967) and Green Floyd without a lot of a feeling of laughter; their music are intriguing rather than without effective hooks, as well as the lyrics ambitious (if frequently inscrutable), but one’s attention will wander during the period of an album, as well as throughout their lengthier music. Their past due-’60s LPs are extremely esteemed by some critical psych/progressive collectors.

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