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Groove Coverage

Euro-trance duo Groove Insurance emerged among the most effective German club serves of its generation with some crossover graph smashes. DJ Novus (blessed Markus Schafferzyk) and manufacturer Axel Konrad co-founded the task in the summertime of 2001. Following a couple of underground membership favorites, “Strike Me” and “Are U Prepared,” they recruited vocalist Mell, who got center stage for the discovery Groove Coverage strike “Moonlight Darkness,” a Mike Oldfield cover that gained the group its 1st German TOP hit. Mell’s being pregnant forced her to be on hiatus through the group, however, along with pinch-hitter vocalist Verena, Groove Coverage obtained its second consecutive TOP admittance with “God Can be a woman,” co-written by Lou Bega of “Mambo No. 5” popularity. In the fall months of 2002 the duo released its debut full-length, Covergirl, assisting its release having a tour across traditional western and central European countries. Mell came back in 2003, although Verena continuing contributing extra vocals to 2004’s 7 Years and 50 Times, an recording highlighted by its blockbuster cover of Alice Cooper’s “Poison.” The LP also produced the strikes “She” and “Runaway,” the second option a smash in Australia, Canada, and Japan aswell. After a group of singles including “Holy Virgin,” “On the air,” and “21st Hundred years Digital Young lady,” Groove Insurance coverage released its third full-length, 21st Hundred years Digital Young lady, in middle-2006.

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