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Grimble Grumble

Based away of Chicago, Illinois, Grimble Grumble have a bow from famous brands My Bloody Valentine as well as the Spaceman 3 upon their 1995 formation. With just a yr under their belt, the music group began churned out the produces using the EPs Second Brain and Odyssey and Oracle both released on Enraptured Information. In 1997, pursuing their first self-titled recording on Wont Proceed Flat Information, Grimble Grumble’s standard fall into line was settled along with Christine (bass/ tone of voice), Mike (percussion), Saleem (acoustic guitar), Mike J. (acoustic guitar) and Ruben (acoustic guitar/ moog/ sound). After their “Banged In THE TOP”/” Come back” 7″ in 1998 -thanks a lot to Amberley Recordings- 1999 offered a busy studio room yr for the music group using the albums UFOs and Visitations (Ochre Information), another self-titled full-length (on AudioInformation Phenomena), and …We Once Had A Desire (Rocket Racer Information).

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