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Grey Ghost

b. Roosevelt Thomas Williams, 7 Dec 1903, Bastrop, Tx, USA, d. 17 July 1996. For blues experts, Williams resided up to his nickname for some of his existence, known only like a reported impact on Mercy Dee. Williams hoboed round the south-west carrying out from your 20s towards the past due 40s, until he resolved in Austin. He was documented by way of a folklorist in 1940 (‘Hitler Blues’) and was also documented after his pension in 1965. non-e of the recordings were released until 1987. Despite an out-of-tune piano, he was obviously a major participant in the custom from the ‘Santa Fe’ group that included Robert Shaw, Buster Pickens and Pinetop Burks. Gray also had an operating pianist’s repertoire of ballads and pop music. Recorded once again in 1988, he performed an amazingly strident edition of ‘Someone Stole My Gal’, which, though slower, was still spectacular. (NB: Never to be baffled with the jazz duo of the same name.)

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