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Grass Widow

Though it makes some sense to lump Grass Widow along with the Vivians, Dum Dums, and different additional “girl groups” that rushed onto the indie underground stages from the past due 2000s, the San Francisco-based trio is truly a slightly different animal. Created, predictably plenty of, in the past due 2000s, the group is usually made up of Hannah Lew, Raven Mahon, and Lillian Maring; the three make use of the same type of egalitarian, D.We.Y. accept of collective innovative probability embodied by Tough Trade heroes like the Raincoats, Important Reasoning, and Kleenex/LiLiPUT. There’s hardly any denying the impact from the initial wave of United kingdom D.We.Y. rings here — be it deliberate or not really — however while Lawn Widow certainly use the organic ore of the bygone era, the ultimate product remains of their time. Just like the aforementioned rings did using the even more derivative, brutish areas of England’s Dreaming-era punk, Lawn Widow subvert the laconic fuzzed-out punk wallop of their contemporaries by embracing a skittering, disarming method of rhythm, one delivered similarly out of creativity and requirement. The group’s exclusive three-part vocal strategy also creates an off-kilter moodiness that additional complicates what exactly are eventually rudimentary post-punk music. The result, when it functions, could be very impressive; when it generally does not, it still feels motivated. The band’s debut, a self-titled full-length, made an appearance on the small Make chaos label in ’09 2009; it had been followed quickly thereafter by an EP for the prodigious Brooklyn label Captured Paths. After a proceed to the Wipe out Rock Superstars label, the trio released their debut record, OVERDUE, in August of 2010. The greater polished Internal Reasoning implemented in 2012.

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