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Relatively minor famous actors in the Wu-Tang constellation, GP Wu released their debut, Don’t NOT IN FAVOR OF the Grain, in 1998. That recording was made by Daddy O from Stetsasonic and Hank Shocklee of Bomb Squad and Open public Enemy fame, producing the Wu-Tang connection a lot more tenuous. Nevertheless, as Wu-Tang Clan historians will certainly understand, the four GP Wu people — Rubberbands, June Luva, Pop da Dark brown Hornet, and Down Low Recka — all produced looks on Shyheim’s 1st two albums, Shyheim a/k/a the Durable Kid (1994) and Shed Generation (1996). The bond was produced indelible on Shyheim’s Manchild recording cover from 1999, offering the shirtless MC having a GP Wu tattoo on his bicep.

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