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Gospel Seed

This contemporary US Christian music project was inaugurated in 1974 by two experienced gospel performers, Michael Moore and Gary Luttrell. Acquiring the name Gospel Seed, the duo started to tour through the entire nation, playing acoustic pop and gospel in espresso houses, institutions and prison. These were shortly booked to seem on the succession of tv shows, like the 700 Club as well as the PTL Club. Using autoharp furthermore to classical guitar, the group’s compositions relied intensely on the simple harmonies the duo acquired perfected with the past due 70s. A lot of the group’s lyrics had been profoundly evangelical – as Moore informed one mag ‘Our message in music is targeted at exhort and problem Christians, aswell as to display unbelievers their dependence on a saviour.’ Consequently their debut record for Myrrh Information, Developing, was uneasy hearing for those who not currently totally focused on Christian music.

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