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Gordon Jackson

Vocalist, guitarist, and drummer Gordon Jackson released a rare recording for the Marmalade label in 1969, Thinking Back again, that bore very much similarity to information of the period by Visitors and (even more distantly) Family members. The resemblance wasn’t informal, as several users of Visitors and Family members helped from the record, alongside additional notables like Julie Driscoll and Luther Grosvenor of Spooky Tooth; Traffic’s Dave Mason, actually, was the maker. Thinking Back experienced the same type of loose combination of psychedelic rock and roll with jazz, folk, and items of spirit and globe music that characterized a few of Traffic’s function. The materials wasn’t as solid or concentrated as Traffic’s or Family’s, nonetheless it had a good, introspective groove with haunting, minor-keyed melodies. Before the record, Jackson have been intimately linked to musicians in rings that progressed into Traffic, Family members, and Spooky Teeth, although he under no circumstances attained anything close to the same reputation as those groupings in his short solo profession. He’d experienced the Hellions, the Birmingham group also including Mason, Grosvenor, and upcoming Visitors percussionist Jim Capaldi, who produced some flop singles for Piccadilly within the mid-’60s. Following the Hellions split up, Jackson performed in Deep Sense with Capaldi, Grosvenor, and potential Family members multi-instrumentalist Poli Palmer. Deep Sense, unfortunately, under no circumstances released anything, although a fantastic early psychedelic monitor they documented, “Pretty Colors,” did ultimately obtain released on Grosvenor’s Floodgates Anthology. Jackson was an unusual guy out, though, when Mason and Capaldi helped type Traffic, and small was noticed from him following the ’60s regardless of the promise of Considering Back.

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