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This group was formed in 1985 in London, England, by Jonathan King, who wished to create some kind of heavy-metal theatre. Initially he attracted the eye of Cozy Powell and John Entwistle, however they elected to focus on additional tasks. The line-up was ultimately finalized as Paul Dianno (ex-Iron Maiden; vocals), Clive Burr (ex-Iron Maiden; drums), Pete Willis (ex-Def Leppard; electric guitar), Janick Gers (ex-White Spirit; electric guitar) and Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake; bass), a line-up that found Gogmagog christened a fresh Wave Of United kingdom ROCK ‘supergroup’. To check critical reaction, Ruler put Gogmagog right into a studio room to record three music that he previously created with Russ Ballard. With these monitors in hand, Ruler visited various main record companies to find out if there is any support, and everything showed an authentic curiosity about the task. The just obstacle was Ruler’s insistence on a considerable advance, which noticed him universally turned down. The project eventually disintegrated, as well as the associates of Gogmagog proceeded to go their separate methods. Following the group’s demise, a three-track one made an appearance on Music For Countries subsidiary Meals For Idea, entitled ‘I Will End up being There’. The group’s music is at contradiction towards the heavy metal label it was provided, being nearer to pop, with just hook nod to the musicians’ rock root base.

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