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Although Glös is really a supergroup of sorts, with all three of its associates having comprehensive credits in various other current and former bands, it is also a natural family unit made up of a brother and sister and their longtime friend. Glös started in 2005, when guitarist Keeley Davis and drummer Cornbread Compton had been casting about for a fresh task after their prior music group, the prolific emo action Engine Down, split amicably. Surviving in different metropolitan areas, Davis and Compton mainly collaborated online, writing songs individually and publishing the sound documents to one another for even more elaboration. Having created almost two dozen tunes in this manner, Davis then considered his sister Maura Davis, with whom he previously previously played within the moody, Portishead-influenced semi-electronic quartet Denali. Adding lyrics and vocals towards the mainly completed backing songs, the Chicago-based Maura finished the cross-country trio. After almost 2 yrs of composing and recording songs as the bandmembers resided in various towns, the newly called Glös (a meaningless term Keeley Davis and Compton close since it sounded indistinctly Western and unique) released their debut recording, Harmonium, on Engine Down’s previous label, Lovitt Information, in the springtime of 2007. Carrying on their inclination to multi-task, all three users of Glös keep concurrent account in other rings in the united states: Maura Davis may be the business lead vocalist of Chicago wish pop clothing Ambulette, Keeley Davis is normally guitarist within the Un Paso-based On the Drive-In offshoot Sparta, and Cornbread Compton has drums for LA vocalist/songwriter Matt Skiba’s aspect project Heavens.

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