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Glenn Honeycutt

Glenn Honeycutt was a singer/guitarist who found Memphis from Mississippi, exactly the same path like a younger modern of his named Elvis Presley — who also been a cousin of his (their grandmothers were sisters), though they by no means did meet. Created near Belzoni, MS in 1933, Honeycutt was raised in Memphis following the loss of life of his dad. He was constantly musically willing, and following the draft drawn him in to the military for two years, he made a decision to try rendering it like a musician. By 1954, Honeycutt was playing and performing around Memphis and auditioned for Sam Phillips at Sunlight Information — a balladeer by inclination, Honeycutt arrived in with several country-style tunes, but was declined on that basis. The next year, nevertheless, he was leading a music group known as Glenn Honeycutt & His Rhythmaires, including guitarist Jack port Clement in its rates. So when Clement was employed at Sunlight, he persuaded Phillips to provide Honeycutt another opportunity — the effect was one of the better records that Sunlight by no means issued, “Rock and roll FOREVER.” In fact, the latter evidently was scheduled and drawn because of its risqué lyric. Rather, Honeycutt’s sole Sunlight launch was “I’M GOING TO BE Around”/”I’ll Wait around Forever.” There have been a dozen edges recorded, the majority of which by no means surfaced, and Honeycutt consequently recorded for brands such as Dark Gold (“Best Gal Best Place Right Period” b/w “You’ll Die of Loneliness”), and Fernwood (“Tombigbee Queen” b/w “Campus Like”), all without significant or lasting achievement. He held his day work with america Postal Services in Memphis, and may have already been a footnote ever sold had it not really been for fellow nation artist Randy Wealthy, who brought Honeycutt’s name to Tempo Bomb Information, a London-based rockabilly revival label — the effect was a tour of Germany and Sweden, which Honeycutt demonstrated he could still deliver musically, as well as the documenting of Honeycutt’s 1st record, 40 years after he inserted the business enterprise. And merely to verify that Honeycutt still acquired what it had taken after all of these years, from the 12 music on Mr. FOREVER Rock, 11 had been originals.

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