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Girolamo Fantini

Girolamo Fantini was a huge among trumpet players in the seventeenth hundred years. His baptism was documented in Spoleto on Feb 11, 1600, but he’s not noticed from once again until 1626, when he joined the support of Cardinal Scipio Borghese in Rome. In Apr 1631, Fantini approved the post of main courtroom trumpeter with Ferdinando II, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Nevertheless, it was on the trip to Rome with Borghese in the summertime of 1634 that Fantini produced history, carrying out in the 1st known recital of trumpet and body organ, with Girolamo Frescobaldi as organist. In 1638, Fantini was certified to create his treatise on trumpet playing, Modo per imparare a suonare di Tromba, which made an appearance in Florence. This function contains eight sonatas for trumpet or body organ, several items for trumpet and continuo, and some ensemble functions. Fantini is acknowledged for extending the number from the organic trumpet from your A recognized to Monteverdi towards the C therefore much loved of Louis Armstrong. Small is well known of Fantini’s whereabouts after 1638, but his existence is last mentioned in Florence on, may 6, 1675, and he most likely died shortly after that.

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