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Giovanni Valentini

Being a composer, keyboard participant and poet, Valentini served in the courts of Sigismund III, Graz, as chamber organist, Vienna among the musicians from the courtroom, Kapellmeister for the Hapsburg courtroom as well as the Emperor Ferdinand III to whom he bequeathed all his music. Valentini was a virtuostic participant who composed different works. A lot of the music was sacred and created in the vein from the Counter-Reformation. The best musical accomplishment was Valentini’s sacred functions for seven choirs and fifty three component “Missa salisburgensis.” These series are significant as the biggest pieces have scored to date. Apart from his tests with changing meters — 2/4 and 3/4 methods inserted within a prominent 6/4 personal — and these numerous component compositions, Valentini continued to be as traditional as the Viennese courtroom. Nevertheless, the Graz courtroom was less traditional and Valentini attempted some tests with harmonies in his four and five component sonatas.

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